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"Studio OLMO - Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Salerno" is a project conceived by Dr. Tullio Stabile, with the aim of creating a research, study and education centre in Salerno, based on the complementarity and integration of holistic aspects (Studio OL.M.O. - Holisitc Research within the field of osteopathy).

The project takes advantage of collaborations with qualified Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, as well as direct consultations with various specialists in the holistic sector (see holistic network) - who work both in Salerno and throughout the region Campania.

We focus and believe in the centrality of the single individual as the sole protagonist and influence of his own well being. Through our insight and expertise, we aim to enhance the intrinsic  self-healing capabilities that each individual has within. The holistic approach, complementary and supplementary to traditional medicine, is focused on the “global health”, meant not only as absence of disease, but also as an overall wellness of the body, the mind, society, environment, and of the psychophysical evolution.

“Studio OLMO - Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Salerno” performs both Osteopathic therapies and techniques (cranial, visceral, postural and soma-emotional osteopathy) as well as manual Physiotherapy. When appropriate, the taping  technique  (kinesiotaping or neuromuscular taping) , also known as Osteotaping in the osteopathic  field, is also used.

By following this approach, “Studio OLMO - Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Salerno” relies on the consultancy of different, highly qualified professionals in the following complimentary therapies: Homeopathy, Bio Nutrition,  Family Constellations, Rebirthing, and systemic-relational Psychotherapy.

Besides the usual  practice activities, based on the multidisciplinary holistic approach, “Studio OLMO - Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Salerno” has launched some new projects and collaborations in 2015 that will engage Dr. Stabile and other specialists in the holistic network also for the next few years:

  • “Oltre” Project  - Salerno
  • "Osteopathy and Dance" Project - Caserta
  • Collaboration with F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation) - Rome

Studio OL.M.O uses its website( www.osteopatiastabile.it)  in order to provide indications of then many  fields and possible applications of osteopathy, and on general holistic subjects. Information regarding  free services are available to all users to encourage and foster the diffusion of a complementary  not alternative approach to the traditional medicine, mainly for the care and protection of their own health. It aims to provide clear information about everything that is related to Osteopathy and to the holistic world, whilst remaining easily accessible. Furthermore, through columns, Studio OL.M.O seeks to promote and publicize the fundamental principle of Health : Prevention..


For more information:

  1. Dott. Tullio Stabile
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    2. Info and booking: 345 23 32 644
    3. Urgiencies: 340 71 72 077
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